Fun-A-Day, day five

Everybody loves a song about saying to hell with the 9-to-5 and living your dreams and that’s what you get with Richard Marx’s “Satisfied“.  When I first made the selection for the day I couldn’t remember how the song went but it all came back to me quickly as soon as the song started.

I keep noting how all of these videos are “weird” and it really hit me that music videos generally fall into the category of mundane “live” performances or just weird shit.  This one falls in the middle of that, with lots of shots of Richard and the band playing but with a narrative working its way throughout the video.  The narrative makes sense in a lot of ways but there are also some things that stand out and put it into the “weird” category.

  1. Richard Marx’s hair.  Not really weird, but oh my, I forgot how big that shit was. So good.
  2. Three jagoffs in suits towards the beginning of the video.  They do appear to be giving the middle finger to the workaday world, but its not really clear where they are going from there.  Just littering a bunch of paper out of their briefcase and gonna go get drunk probably.
  3. Dishwasher guy says fuck it and smashes a bunch of dishes, but doesn’t really seem to leave the job.
  4. In the alleyway scene I swore there was graffiti that said “Pooper Scoopers”, but it actually says “Peacock” and “Scoopers” separately.
  5. Are those guys in the pool hall supposed to be “toughs”?
  6. Why’s the guy in the boxing gym going off on the heavy bag?  Why’s the old guy holding him back?  Which one of them are getting “satisfied”?
  7. Why are these little kids creeping on the ballerinas?


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