Fun-A-Day 2016, day four

The year was 1988.  Terrence Trent D’Arby hit it to #1 for one week in May with “Wishing Well“.

This is a weird video.  Terrence Trent D’Arby is everything you might think a young man in the late 80’s would be.  Stylish in a slim-fitting suit, smooth vocals, got a hot mix of James Brown and Michael Jackson style dance moves.  He is however wearing a Old West style sheriff’s star badge, not sure what that is about.

But joining him in the video is a weird assortment of uncomfortable looking backups.  To his right, a trio of two guitarists and a bass player, all wearing sunglasses and doing some coordinated, though generally very understated, dance moves. Some swaying, pointing of guitars, etc.

To his left, a duo of white dudes in super white turtlenecks and sunglasses doing backup vocals, dancing and doing some dramatic interpretive re-enactments of some of the lyrics.  Also during the one instrumental stretch they are shown doing their own coordinated and understated “dance” movements.  Strange.

There’s also a drummer holding it down in the back and he’s got sunglasses on, but otherwise generally not notable.

The song itself is equally weird.  The lyrics are pretty awful – “Hugging like a monkey see monkey do / Right beside a riverboat gambler / Erotic images float through my head / I wanna be your midnight rambler” but are sung in TTDA’s pretty sweet voice. It’s actually pretty nice, but then there is the weird whistle-y DOOT DOOT DOOT instrumental interlude that is kinda annoying.

Reactions by people I told today that this was my song ranged from my co-worked telling me how much he absolutely hates the song to two of my father-in-law’s close friends telling me how much it is one of their favorites. My opinion is somewhere in the middle.

Anyway, here’s the picture…TTDA looks like hell but I think I did a great job at catching the essence of the poindexters doing the backups.


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