New Video Project – Communitea Bike Share

Hi all:

It’s been awhile.  Various reasons for that, but i’m gonna try to post again on a more regular basis.  We’ll see how this goes.

One thing I was hoping to do when I started this blog was to do some interviews with folks around town doing cool stuff.  For awhile I did a podcast called Podtravelin’ and one of the most interesting and fun parts of it was when I began having co-hosts.  It was a good chance to catch up with friends, talk to them about the projects they were working, the music they like, etc.  I wanted a new forum for doing that and wanted something a bit different.  

Out of that desire came “Communitea Bike Share” – basically the idea of taking a bike ride with someone, drinking some tea and talking about bikes, music, tea, food, politics, whatever.  I considered doing it just as an audio podcast but thought that trying to do a video project might be a fun learning project.  So here it is: episode one.

From a production standpoint, this first episode is pretty raw.  Not much too it and I quickly began to learn the limitations of my video-editing skills and iMovie08 on my 6 year old Mac.  Footage was taken on a really nice borrowed video camera.  

For this first episode, I met up with my friend Karen Brooks, who for many years was an editor at Dirt Rag/Bicycle Times and has played in the band Aydin (check out their track from the ‘Long Run of Small Steps” tape comp I put out years ago) for a long time.  We met up in Frick Park and talked for about an hour.  I slimmed the result down to about 45 minutes of good chatter.  Here’s our conversation:

Hope you find this somewhat interesting.  Would love to get any feedback, tips, etc.  More to come.