A Season of Stuff: things that rattle loose

A Season of Stuff is a writing challenge that I will be doing for the length of Spring 2016.  The plan – to pick some object from within my personal possessions each day and write about it – its history, its significance, etc.  Come on in – check out my stuff.


I took a few days off to visit family, see the Mountain Goats, ride bikes in the woods, and eat burritos and donuts.  It was a damn fine weekend.  Too damn nice out to worry about making up for those days, just picking up where I left off.

* * *

In 2004 Emma and I bought our house.  Prior to that I was living in  Wilkinsburg and Emma and our friend Andy were living in  Bloomfield. When Emma and I got the house, we invited Andy to live with us.  He took us up on the offer and lived in our attic for the next several yearas.

Over that first year we would find lots of little treasures around the property.  Firecrackers under the linoleum in the middle room, green army men and marbles in the garden, old newspapers in the walls.  Some of these treasures have gotten trashed, others are on display around the house.

In 2005 Andy graduated from Pitt and we went about throwing a graduation party for him at the house.  Unbeknownst to him, we arranged for one of his favorite bands at the time, Des Ark, to come up and play a set at the house.   The band at that time were a two-piece, guitar and drums, and the members Aimee and Tim lived in North Carolina.  I’m not sure how we convinced them to come up for one unpaid show, but they did it, literally driving up from North Carolina, playing, spending the night and then driving home.  One of those great punk rock experiences where you think “why not ask?” and then the person you ask apparently thinks “why not do it?” and before you know it your roommate is completely surprised when some NC punks show up and start setting up their gear in your basement.

Anyhow, as I stood in the back of the basement while Des Ark played, I suddenly felt a light *bonk* on my head.  I look down to see this tiny section of Lincoln Log laying on the floor at my feet.  It had apparently been sitting on top of the heating duct above my head and the thunderous punk rock shook it loose.  Another little hidden treasure from the house that I never would have expected to be there.

I picked it up and after Des Ark finished playing, I placed the Lincoln Log back on top of the heating vent where it sits to this day. Some hidden treasures deserve to stay hidden.


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