A Season of Stuff: Taking Care of Breakfast

A Season of Stuff is a writing challenge that I will be doing for the length of Spring 2016.  The plan – to pick some object from within my personal possessions each day and write about it – its history, its significance, etc.  Come on in – check out my stuff.


As I mentioned previously, in 1999 Eric the Red and I took our band/noise project/performance art piece The El Camino Club of SWPA on tour.  This tour consisted of 3 shows – Lancaster, PA; Atlanta, GA; and Little Rock, AR.  Lots of driving, not so much performing.  After spending a couple days in Little Rock we headed eastern again where we would stay in Murfreesboro, TN, home of the world’s largest cedar bucket.  I’ll be honest i’m not sure why we stayed there.  I think we had a contact there who was trying to put together a show for us but it just never materialized.  Nonetheless, we got to see a large bucket.

Of course, to get from Little Rock to central Tennessee you have to pass by Memphis.  Eric, being a big Elvis fan at the time was not going to let this opportunity to stop at Graceland pass him by.  At the time I think I was on the fence about going, but wasn’t going to say no to Eric’s passion for the King.  And you know, it was pretty awesome in that ridiculous Americana way that we were celebrating with The El Camino Club, so it was probably pretty appropriate that we went during that trip.

For those that don’t know, the TCB/lightning bold image is a “logo” of sorts that Elvis put on a bunch of his stuff, notably his guns.  The TCB stands for “Taking Care of Business” and the lighting bolt = “in a flash”.

Having gone to Graceland I figured it appropriate to get some commemorative items to remember the occasion by.  A TCB mug seemed like a good choice.  I believe I might also have gotten a TCB fridge magnet as well; I think I stumbled upon that somewhere in the house recently (it isn’t on the fridge).


This trip would be the inspiration for Eric and I later appropriating the TCB logo for El Camino Club shirts, putting the TCB within a keystone and printing the logo on the sleeve of T-shirts (the shirts themselves feature an image of Uncle Sam, a man in a suit, the american flag and the words “Eats Fords, Shits Dodges”. )  Then about five years ago I had a bunch of 1″ buttons made up with the TCB/keystone image.  I still have some of those pins left, so if you want one, let me know (strangely I also still have a couple of these El Camino Club shirts in a box here, so if you really want one of them, let me know).




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