A Season of Stuff: dad’s stapler

A Season of Stuff is a writing challenge that I will be doing for the length of Spring 2016.  The plan – to pick some object from within my personal possessions each day and write about it – its history, its significance, etc.  Come on in – check out my stuff.


This is an Arrow 107 stapler.  This stapler was my dad’s when I was a kid.  It sat on his desk in his office that was just off the living room in our house. My dad’s office was mostly off-limits.  Generally, for my sister and I, a trip to the office was not a good thing.  If we were misbehaving, all he had to say was “Do I need to take you into my office?”  A stern talking to was all that was really gonna happen but the implied threat of a spanking was always there.

But there were a couple things that I feel like we were allowed to venture into the office for.  One was this stapler and the other was the electronic pencil sharpener he also kept on his desk.  Both of these I would abscond with at some point.  I don’t really remember when I claimed these items or if I had his permission (or if more likely, my mom bought him new ones and handed these down to us kids), but they went to college with me and have stayed with me ever since.

In college the pencil sharpener would get adorned with a Bouncing Souls sticker (among other stickers).   I think the stapler made it until the late 90’s in Pittsburgh before it got this Rumpshaker sticker.

Despite now having several other much better staplers (including two long-reach variety), I’ve kept this stapler.  Of all the tools that I could keep around that would remind me of my father, a stapler probably is not a particularly appropriate one, but it works for me.


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