Fun-A-Day 2016, day thirty

Mr. Worldwide.

Day 30 = 2014 and we have Pitbull (featuring Kesha) doing “Timber“.

This is a great pop/dance song featuring harmonica and square dance calls.  You don’t get too many of those.  There’s a couple questionable lyrics, i.e. “she says she won’t but I bet she will”, but overall its a pretty fun song full of Pitbull’s various braggadocio and somewhat non-sensical lyrics (“We about to clown. Why? Because it’s about to go down”)

The video is kind of insane.  You have this lumberjack theme in the lyrics, but the video alternately takes place in a Wild West style saloon, on a farm or what appears to be some Caribbean island.  Pitbull is wearing a suit throughout, including a hot pink jacket in one segment, except for a few split seconds where he is shirtless.  Lots of ladies’ butts in Daisy Dukes.

My co-worker Mike can’t really stand Pitbull.  Apparently Mike does Zumba and they often use Pitbull songs (or songs featuring Pitbull) and he finds Pitbull’s “raps” rather half-assed and annoying.  On New Year’s Eve, Emma and I came home after going to see a movie and discovered that Pitbull had his own New Year’s special on TV, which of course we watched. I tagged Mike on Facebook making sure he knew about this and he responded:

Did he start the new year with one of his signature “raps”?
Yeah. Mr. Worldwide. New Year. Yeah. New Ear. Yeah. Mr. Worldwide. 2016. Sixteen. Teen. Twenty. Sixteen. Two Numbers. Yeah. Mr. Worldwide.

Part of the reason I love both Mike and Mr. Worldwide.


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