Fun-A-Day 2016, day twenty-eight

2012. Katy Perry with “Part of Me“.

I was initially turned off by her Christian music background going into “I Kissed A Girl”, which just seemed so weird.  And I just really found that song annoying. But then she pulled me in with “Hot n Cold” which is just a great pop song.  Reviews of subsequent songs were mixed.  Not a big fan of “California Gurls”, “Teenage Dream”, “E.T.”, but really like “Part of Me” and “Firework”.

The video for “Part of Me” follows a narrative of girl finds out boy is cheating, girl breaks up with boy, girl decides to join the Marines, girl gets super tough and burns the pathetic letters the boy sends her.  Lots of footage of Katy looking pretty tough and doing basic training stuff.  The video does seem a little pandering to an “All-American girl” vibe but overall I enjoy it.

Drawing camouflage clothing without spending all day on it and only using two colors of ink is tough.  This shit looks like some crazy disco pants.


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