Fun-A-Day 2016, day twenty-four

For 2008 we have Rihanna’s “Disturbia“, her second #1 for the year (4th #1 of her career).  I think one of my favorite Rihanna songs.

The video is pretty visually interesting, taking place in some sort of deranged, horror world, seemingly examining the world from the perspective of Rihanna as she descends into madness.  Despite the good visuals, it was hard choosing something good from the video for today’s drawing.  I opted for a section of the video where she’s picked up and carried off by the masses.

There’s a line in the song “Release me from this curse i’m in” but it always sounded to us like she sings “Release me from this turd i’m in”, which is, of course, how we always sing it.


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