Fun-A-Day 2016, days 22/23

Yesterday was a busy day and while I could have squeezed in my Fun-A-Day project, I opted to do some make-up work this morning while it snowed.

Day 22

Yesterday’s song for 2006 was Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack” which is a pretty great song but the video is pretty boring.  It’s got a spy/espionage theme that works ok for the video but didn’t have anything that screamed out to me for my drawing.  But the thing that this song always makes me think of is this skit that Timberlake did one one of his Saturday Night Live appearances.  It featured him playing his great-great-grandfather traveling on a ship to America and he and the other immigrants are imagining the future lives for their great-great-grandchildren.  While the others hope that theirs will perhaps own land or be a doctor, Cornelius Timberlake has a different vision: that his will become a millionaire from the singing of popular songs.  And of course “I actually dream of a day when my great, great grandson will… bring sexy back.”

*That’s supposed to be a newsboy cap, not a turban.

Day 23

Today for 2007 we have Maroon 5’s “Makes Me Wonder“.  I’ve grown a bit tired of Maroon 5 and I think at the time of this single, I was still a bit put off by them, but I have come to appreciate them a bit.  This is a pretty good song.  Another pretty boring video overall.  An airport/airplane video with lots of sexy stewardesses, sexy pilots and sexy TSA agents and then lots of shots of the band playing live.

I’ve always been a bit fascinated by the bass player’s hair.  He’s had some interesting cuts over the years.  We were watching the video and I stopped on this frame of the bass player and said “I think that’s my shot.”  Her response, “Does he have bangs and a beard?”  And then she proceeded to describe his haircut as “fairy tale giant hair”.  I think I did a good job of catching the essence of his combined haircut/facial hair insanity.


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