Fun-A-Day 2016, day twenty-one

In 2005 at the tender age of 16, Chris Brown hit #1 with his first single “Run It!”   I enjoyed some of the early Chris Brown songs, especially “Kiss Kiss” in 2007.  Then in 2009 he outed himself as a shitbag when he abused Rihanna while dating her.  As such, much like R. Kelly (read this new insane GQ interview), I tend to avoid listening to Chris Brown too these days.  But for 2005, the random number generator kept trying to give me either another 50 Cent song, “Candy Shop”, or another Mariah Carey (yep, back again) with “We Belong Together”, so when I hit the  Chris Brown song, I took it.

Being that he was 16 when this song came out this video takes place inside a high school.  Everybody sneaks into the gym after hours.  There’s a dance off, mostly featuring Chris Brown and a young women wearing some unidentifiable top (She clearly has some type of bikini-top on but then there is also some other layer that is like the very top of a t-shirt cut off like less than 2″ from the collar.  No idea.)  At the end of the end of the video the security guards bust in, but everyone has already conveniently cleared out of the gym.  So then the two guards bust a move.  The end shot is a wide-shot through some chain-link fence of the two guards dancing, so that’s what I decided to draw today.


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