Fun-A-Day 2016, day eighteen

2001 was the year that Nickelback broke and rode their first hit “How You Remind Me” into the first several weeks of 2002 at #1.  The world will never be the same.

Yes, Nickelback are horrible but there is something so catchy about lots of their songs that I so often just end up leaving them on when they come on the radio.  “How You Remind Me” is probably their best and I say that almost exclusively because of that great little drum fill at :17 and 2:37.

Avril Lavigne, who married Nickelback’s lead singer Chad Kroeger in 2012 (and split last year), did a cover of this song, which is not good. There is one interesting difference between the two versions.  Despite both being Canadians, they take different takes on their pronunciation of the word “sorry”.  The Nickelback version has always been funny to me because they say it in a very Canadian way (sore-e) so that it really rhymes with the next lines ending word “story”.  Avril goes with a more American pronunciation of “sorry” but then makes “story” sound like “starry” to keep the rhyming intact.  Just odd.

Drawing rock bands with lots of hair makes life easier since I can’t seem to really draw the shape of a human head correctly.


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