Fun-A-Day 2016, day seventeen

2001.  Today’s song is “I’m Real” by Jennifer Lopez.  Strangely J-Lo released two versions of this song – an original one and the “Murder Inc Remix” featuring Ja-Rule.  Aside from the name of the songs, there really isn’t much similar between the two songs.

Originally when looking for the video I stumbled upon the original version.  This version is a bit more dance-y pop.  In the video J-Lo rolls into town on a motorcycle all the while little kids along the way are “wow”ing at her and running after her cycle.  Then she rolls into town and the guy at the gas station can’t take his eyes off her so he starts overflowing the gas tank he’s filling.  Eventually J-Lo attracts the town’s inhabitants (a surprisingly diverse bunch for what appears to be a midwest town) where there is an epic dance sequence.

The “Murder Inc” Remix has a bit more of a hip-hop influence and is a duet with Ja-Rule.  This is the version that hit #1.  I guess in the non-radio-edit version J-Lo drops some N-bombs which caused some controversy at the time (apparently Ja-Rule wrote her lyrics and he thought it was fine).  The video is just shots of J-Lo and Ja-Rule from around the block, at the club, on the basketball court, etc.  There’s a playfulness to their relationship in the video that, despite not doing a good job of drawing J-Lo, I feel like I did a good job capturing.


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