Fun-A-Day, day sixteen

Into the new millennium today.  Lots of good shit on the 2000 list – Destiny’s Child, Christina Aguilera?  Yep yep.  But also Creed and Matchbox 20.  Instead today I got someone who has shown up on these lists almost as much as Mariah Carey (who, yes, was on this list with “Thank God I Found You”, Janet Jackson with “Doesn’t Really Matter“.

In many ways this is class Janet.  The dancing in the video still has some of the Rhythm Nation vibes.  Janet keep shining that classic Jackson family smile.  Her voice sounds like it always has.  But then there are some things about this song that make it very 2000.  The music sounds so much like N’Sync.  The video takes place in some sorta futuristic turn-of-the-century space apartment and the dance segments occur on some flying space disc, all of which feels very 200o to me.  And then, of course, there is the inclusion of the robot dog at the beginning of the video.


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