Fun-A-Day 2016, day fifteen

1999 had a lot of songs that I hoped I would get today but that didn’t happen.  Instead, I did a lot of vetoing.

Veto #1 – First song I got today was R Kelly’s “I’m Your Angel”.  Despite thinking that R. Kelly is an extremely talented artist, for the most part I try to avoid him after reading more about the evidence against him and his predation of teenage girls.  I think this article was the one that really did it for me.  Full disclosure – I still will listen to “Ignition (Remix)”.  But today I decided I didn’t want to focus on him.

Veto #2 – Next spin of the random number generator got me TLC’s “No Scrubs”.  It’s a great song that I love and it also spawned Sporty Thievz “No Pigeons” rebuttal, but despite all of this, I had already done a TLC song, so I opted to skip.

Veto #3 – Oh shit, another Mariah Carey song, “Heartbreaker” featuring Jay-Z.  Emma and I actually watched the video last night when we saw it on the list because neither of us could remember it.  Not her best work.  But once again, since I had already covered Mariah in this project, I vetoed her.

Try the random number generator again and it gave me Brandy “Have You Ever?”  I wasn’t feeling it so I was going to veto it again.  But the random number generator once again gave me TLC and then Mariah again.  It really didn’t want me to have one of the other songs.  I then thought about going back to R Kelly and just doing that song, but then 1) couldn’t find a video for the song, and 2) realized the song was some type of duet with Celine Dion(?).  I think I tried again and it gave me a Santana song, so I said, you know what, Brandy will do just fine.

I haven’t followed Brandy closely over the years.  I feel like every couple years I hear one of her songs and I’m like, not bad, but they’re really nothing that sticks with you.  She’s got a lovely voice and the songwriting is there but unless you are really into her style of R&B, it’s not going to leave a lasting impression.

Here you have a song/video focusing on being in love with someone you are close with who just doesn’t love you back the same way.  In the video she is watching over her friends house while he is out of town and she goes through his clothes and puts on his suits and hangs out in his house.  As Emma pointed out, this video could have benefited from a little simplifying.  There are some points where within a lines worth of lyrics, they’ve cut to 6 different versions of Brandy in different rooms, wearing different clothes and with different hairs.  It’s a pretty chill laid back song and video and all of a sudden things get a little crazy with the video editing.

Anyway, not too much exciting to draw from the video so here’s Brandy sitting on the bed wearing a suit several sizes too large for her.


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