Fun-A-Day 2016, day fourteen

Each day after completing my day’s drawing and blog write-up I’ve been taking a quick sneak-peek at the next day’s possible songs.  Last night I pulled up the list of #1 songs for 1998 and said “I have no idea what most of these songs are.”  Lots of familiar names (hey look, another Mariah Carey song) but I wasn’t familiar with too many of the actual songs.  I think “Get Jiggy With It” and “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” were the ones that stood out to me.  When I read through the list, Emma said “You’d recognize that Savage Garden one” and today I got to find out if that was true.

Sitting down to breakfast I queued up the video for “Truly Madly Deeply” and took a look.  I had been under the impression that with a name like Savage Garden these guys would have been a bit more rocking, but it was super boring pop rock.  If I had heard this song before it certainly didn’t leave an impression on me. Nothing about it seemed familiar at all.

Yet Emma was stoked. She danced around and sang as she prepared to head off to work.  The song and the video were so boring and unmemorable that I opted to do an “inspired by” drawing today instead of something directly from the video.

Note: your drawing skills do not improve when you are drawing the person nearest and dearest to you.  My apologies to Emma for what I did to your nose/mouth combination.  She was wearing her work safety glasses with the side shields, so that’s part of the reason she looks like such a nerd, but mostly it is just my drawing skills.


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