Fun-A-Day 2016, day eleven

1995.  And we have TLC’s “Waterfalls“.  At the time, I think I was probably more aware of TLC at this time due to Left Eye’s arson arrest rather than for the songs they were putting out at this time.  But despite being a fairly laid back song, “Waterfalls” developed some fairly significant staying power.  One can only guess as to how much Left Eye’s various relationship problems, the arson and her eventual early death helped keep TLC’s music in people’s minds and how much that is responsibility for their continued popularity.

The lyrics to this song are a bit heavier than you might think.  Only two verses – one about a young kid who disregards his mother and goes out to sell drugs and gets killed and a second about a guy who gets an STD from a woman who “gives him loving that his body can’t handle.”

For their part, the TLC ladies spend most of the video standing not quite knee deep in the water, their dancing consisting mostly of some chill top rocking while their feet seem to be buried in the sand because their legs barely move.  Then at the end of the video they transform into water people dancing under a waterfall.

Anyway, even before watching the video I knew I wanted to do a Left Eye RIP piece, but upon watching the video are either panned out pretty far or pretty up close.  Found this one still where its neither too close or too far out with her hands up.  In the video she looks pretty tough, but this drawing makes her look kinda scared/panicked.


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