Fun-A-Day 2106, days nine and ten

A little weekend wrap up here.


Hammered out my Saturday Fun-A-Day drawing early, but then proceeded to run some errands and get out of town for the night, so never bothered posting an update, so here goes.

For day nine we were in 1993 and our song was Meatloaf’s “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)“.  Looking through the list of #1 hits from 1993, it was the one song I really hoped I wouldn’t get.  Primarily because I knew once I watched the video once, the song would be in my head for the rest of the weekend.  Then upon realizing this was my selection for the day, it turns out that the video for this song is NOT posted on Meatloaf’s official Vevo video channel.  Why not? The only version of the video I could find is the above linked version which is pretty shitty quality.  7 1/2 minutes of blurred-out Meatloaf monster face.

Of course after listening through one time, Emma asks me “So what is exactly is the ‘that’ that he is talking about?  I proceed to the Wikipedia entry for the song where there is a sub-section called “On the perceived ambiguity of ‘that'”, which does clear things up a bit, though I would say that the syntax of the lyrics is still rather confusing, but whatever.

In the “Recommended Viewing” sidebar to the Meatloaf video was Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart“, which we watched and was soooo much better than the Meatloaf song.  However, we then did a little research on that song.  Apparently the guy who wrote “I’d Do Anything For Love”, Jim Steinman, also wrote “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.  It was supposedly written for Meatloaf but instead got recorded by Bonnie Tyler, which I think was the right way to go.

Since I had such a shitty video to work with, I just went with scary monster Meatloaf looking at himself in a mirror.  I kinda feel like I made him look a bit more like Ozzy.  Not bad considering it too me probably less time to draw this than it did for me to watch the video.



Today I pulled out my executive veto that I had used during my previous “Season of Songs” project.  If I got a repeat artist over the course of the project, I could choose another for the day.  Today my first selection from 1994 turned out to be another Mariah Carey song, “Hero”.  Seeing that the video was just live concert footage of Mariah singing on stage, I opted against drawing another unflattering picture of her.

Runner-up video was Lisa Loeb’s “Stay“.  The interesting thing about where we are in the years now is this is at a point when I wasn’t listening to the radio much.  I was in the depth of getting into punk rock and mostly only listening to punk/indie records.  As we move into the mid-90’s, I feel like there are a lot of songs on these charts that I’m either totally unfamiliar with (there was a Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting collaboration?) or just somewhat familiar with from their place in the cultural landscape.

Upon watching this Lisa Loeb video, I realize this song fits into the second category.  Somehow I am familiar with the first 5 seconds of the song with her standing by the wall and the cat on the chair, but the rest of the video feels unfamiliar.  Likewise, I know that first line – “You say I only hear what I want to” but the rest after that, no idea.

Today’s drawing = cute cat, bad chair, perhaps unflattering, but not totally terrible Lisa.


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