Fun-A-Day 2016, day two

1986 is the year for today’s Fun-A-Day drawing and we have a doozy.  The song for the day is “These Dreams” by Heart.

I wouldn’t consider myself a huge Heart fan but I do have a certain affinity for their music.  Their songs are catchy and fun, oftentimes a bit ridiculous.  I’m in.

Watching this video is great.  Totally 80’s glammed out outfits.  Aside from the fact that the music for this song seems to be only synths and drums, there is excessive guitar theatrics throughout, but no visuals of any keyboards of any kind.  Jumping kicks.  Disembodied hands reaching out.  People falling into pools of water with their instruments.

Today’s drawing catches one of those high-kick guitar theatrics with the disembodied hands.  Despite my misgivings about trying to attempt to draw the female form yesterday, there wasn’t much getting around it today.  Luckily was saved by the 80’s glam pirate outfits worn in the video.  Enjoy.



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