A Season of Songs, Day 86: Ted, Just Admit It…

A Season of Songs is a type of Fun-A-Day project that I plan to do throughout this spring.  I’ll hit shuffle on the ol’ iPod and see what comes up.  I’ll then write a bit about that song, the band, the record, whatever.  Enjoy!

Today’s song is “Ted, Just Admit It…” by Jane’s Addiction from their 1988 album “Nothing’s Shocking”.

The T.V.’s got them images
T.V.’s got them all
It’s not shocking
Every half an hour
Someone’s captured and
The cop moves them along
It’s just like the show before
The news is
Just another show
With sex and violence

As stated previously, I didn’t get into punk rock and a lot of “alternative’ music until I went to college in 1992.  I had gotten into a few things – Dead Milkmen, Violent Femmes, The Cure, etc, but mostly was into a weird mixture of stuff like Poison and Guns N Roses and various hip-hop.  In high school I inhabited a weird space between being cool and uncool.  The cool kids didn’t hate me but then again we didn’t really hang out (this is still largely my life, right?)  I had a few close friends and we were generally not troublemakers, didn’t get into drinking/drugs, and were decent students.  We didn’t get heavily into “school spirit” related nonsense but I certainly dabbled.

I bring this all up to explain my first experience with Jane’s Addiction.  Since Jane’s Addiction split up in 1991, i’m guessing this must’ve happened early in my senior year or in my junior year.  There was some school event happening that I was involved in — maybe something homecoming related — I can’t really remember.  Anyway, I remember I got involved and our class president Sonia Lobo wasn’t there and I remember asking and someone saying that she couldn’t make it because she was going to a Jane’s Addiction concert.  I remember feeling really indignant that the class president chose some rock show over this “important” event we were doing.  There you have my high school squareness wrapped up nicely for you.

Anyway, I wouldn’t actually hear Jane’s Addiction until getting to college. Even though they played the inaugural Lollapalooza Festival in 1991, it was really the success of the 1992 festival that pushed Perry Ferrell’s name into my consciousness and when I got to college I met a few people who were into Jane’s Addiction.  “Nothing Shocking” is really the only album of theirs that i’ve ever immersed myself in.   I really like this album and it’s hard for me to really pinpoint why.  There are parts of it that are a bit annoying, but the overall effect is a positive one.  Favorite songs?  Probably “Jane Says”, “Summertime Rolls” and “Mountain Song”.

“Ted, Just Admit It” is one of those songs that I have some mixed feeling about.  The lyrics are a little too “deep” teen angsty poetry for me. While the allure of chanting over and over “Sex is violent” is there, they run it into the ground by the end of the song.  7 minutes, 19 seconds?  Could’ve cut that down a bit.  But really that bassline at the beginning is so good.  It’s a little weird atmospheric stuff at the beginning but builds to have some really great sounding guitar and drums later in the song.

Anyway, the more I sit here listening to this album I realize it really is just a fuckin’ great listen.  I think I just kinda wanna dislike it because Ferrell and Dave Navarro seem like such egotistical weirdos, but really, what’s wrong with being an egotistical weirdo, right?


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