A Season of Songs, Day 79: Song #2

A Season of Songs is a type of Fun-A-Day project that I plan to do throughout this spring.  I’ll hit shuffle on the ol’ iPod and see what comes up.  I’ll then write a bit about that song, the band, the record, whatever.  Enjoy!

Today’s song is “Song #2” by Fuckedupmess, taken from the 2006 compilation “Hardtravelin’ 2006: The Year in (Missing) Seven-Inches”.

Never thinking, never adapting
Limping through life under the weight of each new banner
Buying, buying, buying each new crutch
Standing, standing, standing for what?
Life is more than this
Life is synthesis
Life is adaptation
Not petty consumption

From 2001 through 2006 I did a small record label called Hardtravelin’.  I put out about a dozen releases during that time.  This 3-way split CD would be the last record I would put out.

The idea was based around Dischord’s (I told you yesterday that Dischord was a big influence on me) compilation “1981: The Year in Seven-Inches” which was a CD they put out that collected the six EP’s they released in 1981.  In 2006 there were a handful of local bands that I would have loved to have put out a 7″ for but because of a lack of money and motivation to do all those separate projects, I suggested we do a CD that would collect a seven-inch’s worth of material from each of the four bands I had in mind.  These bands were: Flotilla Way, Fuckedupmess, Aydin and Young Men’s Department.

Everybody agreed and we were on our way to putting out a CD when Young Men’s Department broke up.  Then Fuckedupmess broke up.  YMD, having broken up, decided that they saw no point in releasing their songs, so they dropped out of the project.  Fuckedupmess, on the other hand, were open to still including their songs on the release.  The status of half the bands breaking up and the other half of the bands not being super active changed the project slightly.  Instead of doing a run of 500 professionally pressed CD’s, I would do a run of 100 CD-R’s burnt at home.  If the release was successful, we could always burn more (we only ever did 100 copies).

Each of the three remaining bands did a 7″ sized insert of their own, as if they were releasing their own 7″.  These were all put into a 7″ sleeve branded with the “Hardtravelin’ 2006: The Year in (Missing) Seven-Inches” name.  The covers for my previous release, the The Sea Like Lead/Belegost split LP, had been printed incorrectly in just black & white, so I had all these incorrectly printed covers.  I ended up cutting them down, using house paint and a paint roller to color them, and then screenprinting the cover image on top of the paint to make the covers.  This slow, crafting process of making the covers was probably as much of a deterrent to me pressing more copies of this CD than the sales themselves.

I think this is a really fun record and was a great way to call it quits.  Five songs of Flotilla Way’s sweet pop, three songs of Aydin’s moody shoegaze-y alt-rock and two songs of Fuckedupmess’ crushing noise-core.  The Young Men’s Department weirdo-rock would’ve been a great addition to the record.  Too bad they didn’t include their songs.

Fuckedupmess were 2/3rds of a band called Intense Youth.  After IY called it quits, Andy and Geoff decide to create Fuckedupmess.  Instead of the straight-ahead fast hardcore of IY, Fuckedupmess was a bit darker, mixed up the tempo from slow brooding bits to faster hardcore and included some bits of noise, tape manipulation, etc.  Their shows were usually just one long song during their whole set.  After Fuckedupmess, Andy would go on to play in Brain Handle and Geoff would drum for a handful of different projects over the years.  In recent years both of them have dropped out of the music scene, which is a shame because they are both really intense and energetic performers, but they both seem to be living good lives doing other stuff, so good for them.

Fuckedupmess.  The name says it all.


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