A Season of Songs, day 55: Romano McNacho

A Season of Songs is a type of Fun-A-Day project that I plan to do throughout this spring.  I’ll hit shuffle on the ol’ iPod and see what comes up.  I’ll then write a bit about that song, the band, the record, whatever.  Enjoy!

Today’s song is “Romano McNacho” by Sacramento based band Nar, which I believe is from their 1992 split LP with The Lizards.

I first became aware of Nar off the 1993 Very Small Records compilation “Vinyl Retentive” with their catchy. lo-fi pop punk tune “Drunk and Benevolent”.  That compilation would feature a handful of Sacramento bands including Elmer, The Bananas and The Lizards.  None of these bands were especially standouts but as a whole their material seemed to suggest that there was something unique happening out there. Despite being a bit inland from SanFrancisco/Berkeley, a lot of these bands would be involved in the Easy Bay punk scene, putting out records on Lookout, Very Small and other labels there and playing Gilman Street.

Over the years I would stumble upon songs from these bands and like I said, generally not ground-breaking, but they had a tendency to put a smile on my face.  Somewhere along the line I scored the Sewer Trout discography which solidified a certain love for Sacramento’s brand of pop punk.

I’m not even sure how/where I stumbled upon these Nar mp3’s but they made their way to my ipod.  I don’t think it’s their complete discography but it’s more than just the split LP. “Romano McNacho” is just a quick 36 second instrumental – poppy, punky with a little bit of surf guitar sound.  Not the hottest track but not bad either. Their track, “Drunk and Benevolent“,  from the “Vinyl Retentive” comp is probably my favorite. Other favorites of mine include “Don’t Give Me No Shit” and “Corvette Summer”.

Sacramento punk.  Not necessary for your collection, but fun.


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