A Season of Songs, day 21: You Make Me Run Red Lights

A Season of Songs is a type of Fun-A-Day project that I plan to do throughout this spring.  I’ll hit shuffle on the ol’ iPod and see what comes up.  I’ll then write a bit about that song, the band, the record, whatever.  Enjoy!

Ok, new rule – if the song that comes up is off the same compilation as another song, you get to re-pick.  First song today was “Rebellion” by Free Barrabas off the “Go Down Fighting, Come Up Smiling” compilation.  I talked about the Behind Enemy Lines track from that compilation on day 16.  While I really liked Free Barrabas and really enjoy that song, I didn’t feel like I had much to say about it.  Of course, then I hopped ahead a track and it was another Roscoe Holcomb song and then another Minutemen song.  Feeling unlucky, I stepped away from the ipod and came back a couple minutes later.

The song that came up next was “You Make Me Run Red Lights” by The Accident, taken off the “The West Coast of the East Coast” compilation CD that I put out in 2003.  This compilation was the follow-up effort to the “Go Down Fighting, Come Up Smiling” compilation and featured another 24 Pittsburgh bands that frequented The Mr. Roboto Project.  This CD was meant to highlight the bands that had come about since the previous comp.  While perhaps not as many standout tracks or big name bands, in some ways I think this is the superior collection.  Zombi are probably the best known band on this one with one of their early tracks.  Other notable tracks on this are from Pay Toilets, Conelrad, Adams and the Blackout, Suburban Death Machine, Aphasia and Intense Youth.  Totally Awesome Dudes brought the weird shit with “Fruity Dipshit”.  This CD sold poorly and I still have several hundred copies of the CD in the middle room upstairs.  Come at me if you want a copy.

Cars keep flying past me
Thinking about doing the nasty

The Accident were a two-piece formed by Deanna and Meredith.  They played stripped-down bass and drums punk – poppy with a nice mix of feminist politics and humor.  Deanna would go on to be in Flotilla Way and Meredith moved to Providence, RI where she now plays in Whore Paint.

In the insert for the CD they claimed to be “tang core” and proudly assert “‘You Make Me Run Red Lights’ is about SEX!!!”  Their layout is in the form of a letter and says “We are a 2-piece band of ladies.  All we ask for is free poontang, a hotel dive and free moustache rides.  We like the ladies so book us with the local girl band.”  The lyrics to this song – mixing sex positivity and bike riding, the interplay of the bass and drums in the song and the ridiculousness of this layout, are a big reason that I love Deanna/Meredith/The Accident.  It’s clear when you listen to the song that they enjoyed playing together and recording it (they are on the verge of laughing throughout).

This is the only recording of theirs that got a proper release.  They did a demo tape that I believe comes from the same session as this compilation track.  Also during this recording (done by Geoff Frost), there was an impromptu side-project created called G.Frost and the Poontangs.  They recorded several silly songs at this time and then would do a one-time only acapella performance at The Wall across from The O.  I wish I could remember more about the specifics of their songs, the performance, etc.  Maybe Deanna or Meredith can chime in here – if I haven’t already embarrassed them enough.

Goddamn I love these people.  I love the fact that I get to so often be surrounded by awesome, creative, loving people who make great music and ridiculous art.  Thanks friends.


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