Does it compute?

So last year Emma and I made a pretty conscious decision to get serious about biking.  Emma bought a nice new bike.  I bought a nice new used bike.  We began riding on a regular basis, an almost daily basis.  We did the Pedal Pgh metric-century.  We did the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) and C&O Towpath to DC.  We biked from Toronto to Niagara Falls.  We put a lot of miles on our bikes, most definitely more miles than we ever had before.

When talking with my family they have been pretty amazed by how much we’ve been riding and the mileage we’ve been putting on.  My mom has suggested on a couple occasions that we should get bike computers so we can keep a full record of all the mileage we are putting on our bikes, so we can say at the end of the year that we did X miles.  It’s a tempting thing.  That number would be kinda fun to know.

It is even more tempting as we prepare for our Pittsburgh to Philadelphia roadtrip.  When you are on a designated trail with clear milemarkers ticking off the miles (like the GAP and C&O), it’s a lot easier to know where you are and to understand your pace and know how much farther you have to go that day.  The route we’ll be taking on this trip is mostly rural highways and roadways that are less likely to have clear milemarkers.  It would be nice to have something that would give us a general inclination of how far we’ve travelled on a particular day.  Very tempting.

But I also feel like I really just like to focus on getting on the bike and riding.  It’s just so nice to just ride if that is the case, or to enjoy the trip from point A to B, without worrying if we’re making good time and hitting our targets.  I don’t want this to be like a job, or to be like a workout.  I’ve enjoyed feeling like I am getting stronger, getting better able to tackle hills or go for longer distances, but I feel like having that little computer spitting numbers at me turns the focus too much on the accounting and not just the joy of riding.

As someone who is definitely a logical, numbers loving sorta guy, that little computer is calling out to me.  But for now I think I need to leave a bit of the rational behind and just enjoy the ride.




One thought on “Does it compute?

  1. hear hear. So tempting, but I know my tendency is to calculate, calculate, calculate and I just don’t want to let myself do that!

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