So much time…

The title of this blog is taken from lyrics that I wrote nearly 20 years ago.  They were originally written while I was in a band called Gasfight.  I revived the lyrics about a decade later for a band called He Taught Me Lies.  It’s weird how these words have followed me.  There’s probably not a lot from my writing in the early 90’s that I would freely share, but this is one of those things that has stuck with me over the years.  Part of the lyrics go:

I walk.  Not for distance, but for depth.
The seemingly endless road which stretches before me, beckons for me…for me to hurry,
but I have time…so  much time.

It was written as a song about place;  about the difference between staying put and growing roots on one hand, and being on the move and getting to experience many different places, things and people on the other.  I come from a stock that are perhaps not very adventurous.  My folks were happy to settle miles from where they grew up and to rarely travel or seek out new things, whether that was places or food or whatever.  Then I got involved in punk rock which seemed to be a culture obsessed in many ways with constantly being on the move, experiencing new things and challenging traditional.  I could see value in both paths and this song was my way to determine a third path for myself.

I’ve spent much of the last couple decades doing just that.  My life is very different than the one my parents imagined for me, but I also don’t think I can be accused of living a generic punk rock existence.  I think i’ve done a good job of balancing those two paths — building roots while also letting myself branch out to experience new things.  As I approach that milemarker of middle age (the big 4-0), I am not confronted with crisis, but reflection and opportunity.

I’m at a point in my life where I am ready to make some big changes, not because I regret what I’ve done or where i’ve ended up, but because I think I still do have “so much time” and it’s not the best use of that time to keep working this same old groove.  And that’s where this blog comes in; this is where I hope to think out loud a little bit about where i’ve been, where i’m going and how i’m gonna get there.

I’m going to try to post something here at least every other day – maybe some writing, maybe an interview, maybe some drawings/photos/etc from my everyday. Some of this will hopefully make its way into a hardcopy zine in the coming months — whether that is a solo venture or the triumphant return of HERE.BE.DRAGONS zine is yet to be determined.

If you wanna follow along with me  a little bit closer, i’ve got a twitter account set up these days at HRDTRVLNQ.




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